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Lucy Thuo

 LTAF is at the leading edge of technology, and fearless when it comes to folding new technology and challenges into their knowledge base. great bookkeeper and accountants: diligent and detail oriented, down to the penny.

Relax, We got you!

Since 2014, LTAF is focused on providing our clients advice on bookkeeping, evaluation, accounting, taxation, auditing, business consultancy and digital marketing services that reflect their needs. LTAF is located in JUJA Straight Plaza Head Office, in Juja Kenya, Kampala Uganda, Juba Sudan and are always available Virtually for both local and International Business providing our services focused on Hospitality industry, agriculture, health care, building and construction industries and many more.

Our team has dedicated professional personnel for the different industries in the practice. Our team of consultants provides strategic support for your planning, marketing assessment, facility planning, capital planning,operational needs and leadership needs.We pride ourselves on being experts in major industries, offering insight that stems beyond accounting and can help guide strategy and operations in your company – helping you manage stock and revenues, build market share and comply with continually changing regulations.

The Amazing

Wanjiru Thuo

She started her accounting career in 2014. She has 5 years working experience. She has vast knowledge in accounting and taxation. Wanjiru strives to make a difference within the profession, workplace and community.

Catherine Maina

She is a Digital Marketer at LTAF, where she helps companies define and implement their brand storytelling strategy. LTAF's mission is to empower brands to tell better stories and meet their target audiences.

Margaret Esther

If you need bookkeeping, Esther will speaking with you and help determine the best way forward for your business,help you understand the types of services we offer in bookkeeping and will create some suitable packages for you.

Peter Njoroge

Auditors are responsible for building trust in the financial information companies present to the public.Peter also does valuation with equity-based methods hence project different scenarios for the company’s performance (best case, worst case and most likely).

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